Diabetes and Pregnancy

Hi again. I fell off and didn’t finish my diabetes week posts, but I will try again next time. This has become something I must remember. There is no point in getting upset about the past. We can’t change it and it is better to just learn from it and move forward.

I was at the grocery store this weekend looking at yogurt products and the manager asked me why I was reading all the labels. I told him about being diabetic and it was obvious I am pregnant and that I needed to find something with lower sugar and higher protein if possible. He gave me this sorry look and then said I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I said it is a challenge, but one that is well worth the results. He continued on with comments like you must have overeaten and you need to change your diet and then when I told him I have had diabetes for 16 years he said, “And you still got pregnant?” as if I am not allowed to live a normal life. I didn’t show my anger, just put back what I was reviewing, said yes, this is my second child and I am really excited to meet her in a couple of months and went on my way.  This way of thinking drives me crazy. I take care of myself. I am not perfect and certainly didn’t have the best control as a teenager, but since shortly before I got engaged in 2006 I have been in much better control and certainly after we got married in 2007 when we knew we would like to have kids someday I have made diabetes a real part of my life. It doesn’t run my life, but it is part of me that I know I need to deal with everyday and I accept that. Put that with finding a great medical team and we have a1cs below 6 most of the time.

Anyway, onto why I am posting this. I have seen a number of people posting places about is it possible, can I have a healthy baby. The answer in my mind is yes. We all have our own stories and need to check with our doctors, but if we can actually do some of what the medical teams ask we will be much more prepared. I am not good at the whole taking insulin further and further before meals and waiting to eat (think 2.5 yr old is in the picture), but I walk almost everyday with the family and that helps more than anything else and I am accepting that I will continue to need more and more insulin every week until delivery. That is the hardest part for me. I feel guilty taking more and more insulin, but then my clinician reminds me that it is normal and necessary and not to punish myself. It is my job to take care of this little baby growing inside of me and that means food and insulin since the calories help fuel the baby’s growth and though the insulin doesn’t pass to the baby, the blood sugar does and if mine is too high the baby will produce more insulin than needed and gain more weight than it should leading to other complications and be very likely to have low blood sugar after delivery.

I hope this reaches someone. If anyone wants to discuss this further and either offer suggestions or ask questions I am here. Happy Tuesday to the blog world.


Hello world!

Welcome to my story. As you will see if you read my profile I have a little girl and another on the way. Right now my posts will likely be pregnancy related so I understand if it doesn’t reach many. For those of you who are planning or thinking about getting pregnant, make sure you have lots of time and flexibility as well as support. I could never make it to all the appointments without my husband, a good sitter and a flexible job.
For now I have to go prepare for a meeting. Talk you soon.