Fantasy Diabetes Device – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 4

A fantasy diabetes device could be so many things. Based on some recent experiences I am going to think of a fantasy diabetes combo device. If someone makes this happen please call me immediately because I will want to see it from the beginning. šŸ™‚

Infusion Set with CGM capabilities and should:

1 site for insulin that also reads blood sugar – I don’t care if it is one needle or 2, but only one site and they need to be close to each other. I don’t want a 4 inch site.

Since Dexcom received 7 day wear approvalĀ it should have the same wearability

Insertion style should be like the Inset or Mio with the straight in, self-contained application

Accurate and approved for wear at any angle in any location we can pinch an inch.

If you need motivation to create this, thinkĀ of how helpful CGM readings are to pregnant women and then think what happens to our bodies. I am to the point where putting anything in my abdominal area is next to impossible because of baby stretching things out so much and wearing it in my back, thigh or arm is not only not approved, but not comfortable and currently I have to find 2 sites to do this.


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