Find A Friend – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 1

We are asked by Karen to write about finding new friends or a friend in the diabetes community. So far my favorite diabetes friend find has been Kerri Sparling at I think I am most impressed by her because she is so open and honest and I am probably drawn to read her blog because we are in such similar situations. She was diagnosed as a child, me as a teenager, but both of us before hitting college and being on our own. We each had to go through the whole dating thing and meeting our husbands while explaining that this diabetes thing was not a temporary part of life but one we would live with for the rest of our lives most likely, until they find that magic cure. Then we both had babies. For me this was something the earlier doctors told me never to do, along with a whole list of things that are very reasonable for us to do. Kerri is an inspiration to me every day, even when and maybe especially when I watch her deal with something that doesn’t go as planned. I very highly recommend her blog to anyone looking for the real side of diabetes as a mom.

There is another friend that I am just becoming acquainted with and I do hope it turns into friendship. Just last week I met someone in my own neighborhood who has type 1 diabetes, wears a pump and has a little girl. I was amazed. They were on a walk while we were out doing yard work and we waved to them. After a few minutes of normal neighbor talk her husband looked at my side and asked if I had a pump. I think only those with pumps or those who love a pumper can say something like that very naturally. I joked and said no, that is just my bent cell phone antenna (making fun of what some people used to think it was) and he and his wife got it. We then just stood there talking about doctors and pregnancies and life. It was amazing. I am so happy the weather is nice and we will likely see them again. I share this to remind you that even when we feel alone there could be someone as close as down the street going through similar situations and it is good to just be open.

I hope everyone here has and finds friends to share this adventure with that we call life with diabetes. It isn’t all we are, but it sure does impact who we are and how we react to things. Happy Diabetes Blog week.


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