Diabetes and Pregnancy

Hi again. I fell off and didn’t finish my diabetes week posts, but I will try again next time. This has become something I must remember. There is no point in getting upset about the past. We can’t change it and it is better to just learn from it and move forward.

I was at the grocery store this weekend looking at yogurt products and the manager asked me why I was reading all the labels. I told him about being diabetic and it was obvious I am pregnant and that I needed to find something with lower sugar and higher protein if possible. He gave me this sorry look and then said I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I said it is a challenge, but one that is well worth the results. He continued on with comments like you must have overeaten and you need to change your diet and then when I told him I have had diabetes for 16 years he said, “And you still got pregnant?” as if I am not allowed to live a normal life. I didn’t show my anger, just put back what I was reviewing, said yes, this is my second child and I am really excited to meet her in a couple of months and went on my way.Ā  This way of thinking drives me crazy. I take care of myself. I am not perfect and certainly didn’t have the best control as a teenager, but since shortly before I got engaged in 2006 I have been in much better control and certainly after we got married in 2007 when we knew we would like to have kids someday I have made diabetes a real part of my life. It doesn’t run my life, but it is part of me that I know I need to deal with everyday and I accept that. Put that with finding a great medical team and we have a1cs below 6 most of the time.

Anyway, onto why I am posting this. I have seen a number of people posting places about is it possible, can I have a healthy baby. The answer in my mind is yes. We all have our own stories and need to check with our doctors, but if we can actually do some of what the medical teams ask we will be much more prepared. I am not good at the whole taking insulin further and further before meals and waiting to eat (think 2.5 yr old is in the picture), but I walk almost everyday with the family and that helps more than anything else and I am accepting that I will continue to need more and more insulin every week until delivery. That is the hardest part for me. I feel guilty taking more and more insulin, but then my clinician reminds me that it is normal and necessary and not to punish myself. It is my job to take care of this little baby growing inside of me and that means food and insulin since the calories help fuel the baby’s growth and though the insulin doesn’t pass to the baby, the blood sugar does and if mine is too high the baby will produce more insulin than needed and gain more weight than it should leading to other complications and be very likely to have low blood sugar after delivery.

I hope this reaches someone. If anyone wants to discuss this further and either offer suggestions or ask questions I am here. Happy Tuesday to the blog world.


Fantasy Diabetes Device – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 4

A fantasy diabetes device could be so many things. Based on some recent experiences I am going to think of a fantasy diabetes combo device. If someone makes this happen please call me immediately because I will want to see it from the beginning. šŸ™‚

Infusion Set with CGM capabilities and should:

1 site for insulin that also reads blood sugar – I don’t care if it is one needle or 2, but only one site and they need to be close to each other. I don’t want a 4 inch site.

Since Dexcom received 7 day wear approvalĀ it should have the same wearability

Insertion style should be like the Inset or Mio with the straight in, self-contained application

Accurate and approved for wear at any angle in any location we can pinch an inch.

If you need motivation to create this, thinkĀ of how helpful CGM readings are to pregnant women and then think what happens to our bodies. I am to the point where putting anything in my abdominal area is next to impossible because of baby stretching things out so much and wearing it in my back, thigh or arm is not only not approved, but not comfortable and currently I have to find 2 sites to do this.

One Thing To Improve – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 3

There are always a number of things our health care providers want us to do to live the perfect diabetic life, but many of these I simply find near impossible to do with a 2.5 yr old and doing anything other than living my life focused on nothing but this diabetes stuff, so I do my best to find ways to take their suggestions and fit them into the life I lead every day.

The thing I need to improve on the most is trend tracking. I tend to live each day as a separate one treating the high or low or allergy reaction or whatever it is for the day and forget to go back and see if there is a pattern of always running a little low or a little high right after a meal, until I get to the doctor. Once there we all go crazy looking at this stuff and make changes, but I should be better about doing this at home.

One Great Thing – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 2

Right now it is hard to think of something I am doing especially well since I am pregnant and that is a constant blood sugar battle, but I am sure there is something I am overlooking. To start I will share one great thing my husband does related to my diabetes management and see if that gets things rolling. He is usually the more impulsive of the two of us, but when it comes to my medical supplies he is very organized and planned. Because of this I never have to question if I have enough supplies or when I need to order them. He makes sure all I have to do is go to our closet and reach the section of the shelf dedicated to diabetes stuff. He even rotates the boxes so I don’t get a surprise of an outdated or close to outdated box of test strips. Taking this one thing away from my list of to-dos is an amazing help.

On my side I guess the one thing I am good about is always having a variety of options for treating low blood sugar, whether it be mine or someone else in the family. I am the only one with diabetes, but there are a few of us that have issues keeping the numbers from going low. The family knows they can always count on me to have something they will enjoy and they know exactly where to find it.

Find A Friend – Diabetes Blog Week – Entry 1

We are asked by Karen to write about finding new friends or a friend in the diabetes community. So far my favorite diabetes friend find has been Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe.com. I think I am most impressed by her because she is so open and honest and I am probably drawn to read her blog because we are in such similar situations. She was diagnosed as a child, me as a teenager, but both of us before hitting college and being on our own. We each had to go through the whole dating thing and meeting our husbands while explaining that this diabetes thing was not a temporary part of life but one we would live with for the rest of our lives most likely, until they find that magic cure. Then we both had babies. For me this was something the earlier doctors told me never to do, along with a whole list of things that are very reasonable for us to do. Kerri is an inspiration to me every day, even when and maybe especially when I watch her deal with something that doesn’t go as planned. I very highly recommend her blog to anyone looking for the real side of diabetes as a mom.

There is another friend that I am just becoming acquainted with and I do hope it turns into friendship. Just last week I met someone in my own neighborhood who has type 1 diabetes, wears a pump and has a little girl. I was amazed. They were on a walk while we were out doing yard work and we waved to them. After a few minutes of normal neighbor talk her husband looked at my side and asked if I had a pump. I think only those with pumps or those who love a pumper can say something like that very naturally. I joked and said no, that is just my bent cell phone antenna (making fun of what some people used to think it was) and he and his wife got it. We then just stood there talking about doctors and pregnancies and life. It was amazing. I am so happy the weather is nice and we will likely see them again. I share this to remind you that even when we feel alone there could be someone as close as down the street going through similar situations and it is good to just be open.

I hope everyone here has and finds friends to share this adventure with that we call life with diabetes. It isn’t all we are, but it sure does impact who we are and how we react to things. Happy Diabetes Blog week.

3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week

Check this out:

Karen at bittersweetdiabetes.com is hosting her 3rd Diabetes Blog Week. She has provided topics for each of us to write about each day and is keeping a list of participants. I have been meaning to start a blog and her Blog Week is what has made me actually do it. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say and hopefully “meet” some new people to share life with. My hope is to continue to learn from those who have solutions to things I don’t do well and share my solutions (for now) with those dealing with similar questions.

Hello world!

Welcome to my story. As you will see if you read my profile I have a little girl and another on the way. Right now my posts will likely be pregnancy related so I understand if it doesn’t reach many. For those of you who are planning or thinking about getting pregnant, make sure you have lots of time and flexibility as well as support. I could never make it to all the appointments without my husband, a good sitter and a flexible job.
For now I have to go prepare for a meeting. Talk you soon.